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Member Benefits

  • Access to government officials and the opportunity to be part of a united voice when lobbying for landlord rights and concerns.

  • Regular updates and information regarding regulations and other factors that may affect landlords, ensuring you stay informed and up to date.

  • Free rental property listings, increasing the visibility and reach of your rental listings.

  • The ability to pre-screen tenants from your property listing before showing the property, saving time and ensuring you only show to qualified applicants.

  • Accept online applications, streamlining the application process for both landlords and potential tenants.

  • Access to a database of tenant names and tenancy dates, making it easier to obtain reference checks from previous landlords.

  • Discounts at third-party resource vendors such as credit check companies and lawyers who produce agreements, saving you money on essential landlord services.

  • Discounts at local businesses, with many sponsors offering exclusive discounts to members.

  • Guest speakers who provide valuable insights and knowledge on relevant topics related to landlordship.

  • Networking opportunities with fellow landlords, both at meetings and online, allowing you to share experiences and learn from others.

  • Helpful hints and tips on the membership website, providing you with resources and guidance to navigate various landlord-related situations.

  • A library of commonly used and mandatory forms, ensuring you have access to the necessary documentation for your rental properties.

  • A compiled list of resources, including accounting software and property management suites, to help improve efficiency and organization in managing your rental properties.

  • The membership fee is tax-deductible, providing financial benefits and incentives for joining the association.

If you are a Landlord or Property Manager

today to become a member.

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